1. From Lisbon Story by Wim Wenders. Listen.

  2. Chindōgu - the Japanese art of creating objects that are apparently very useful, by their inventiveness to solve everyday problems, but rendered useless by their impracticality…these objects are truly unuseless. Read more about Chindōgu here

  3. sebastianborckenhagen:

    Taalmonument (Afrikaans Language Monument)

    The spots are from water-damage. I fell into a river with my camera. 

  4. Found at the fabulous onarizdosmarcianos…visit and follow please! x

    Cartoons do artista Tom Gauld, Escocês a viver em Londres, com participação semanal no jornal The Guardian

  5. I went to a lovely gig tonight in Kentish Town with a friend of mine where I discovered the band Shy Nature. They are wonderful and this song will make you smile! Enjoy!


  6. Beautiful watercolours by Carl Larsson. Courtesy of the wonderful blog onarizdosmarcianos!






  7. Please support James King and James Thompson raise funds to produce their film, Over My Dead Body! Read more here!

  8. You wear what you eat! Cute textile jewellery by Maria Filipe Castro.

  9. Shannon Wheeler for The New Yorker.

  10. Click through for more images. If you are in London between now and the 23rd March 2014, do visit the Whitechapel Gallery where they are now exhibiting the works of Dadaist artist Hannah Höch, best known for being a driving force in the development of 20th century collage.

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